Neil Peter Dyck

Neil Dyck is a Manitoban artist currently based in Vancouver, BC. Working intuitively on hard board to create non-representational paintings, Dyck’s rudimental investigations embrace a harmony of collage and painting. Dyck’s works are organic in their construction and explore fundamental ideas taken from nature and life around him.  His dream-like, fragmented compositions are the result of a process of augmenting, reducing and concealing abstract forms, a multi-layered execution that simultaneously exposes an expressive freedom and calculated restraint. Dyck’s practice is multifaceted; not only does he contribute to his community through exploring the visual performance art of live painting, but he donates his time and work to help important causes and the needs of others. Dyck has exhibited across Canada, including the Toronto International Art Fair, and was awarded the Heinz Jordan Prize in Painting in 2004 and 2005 and the Artist in residence in Yellowknife, NWT in February 2016. He has previously been represented by Jeffrey Boone Gallery in Vancouver and Actual Contemporary in Winnipeg.

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