Artist Statement

My paintings are an attempt to transcend our physical world. I have chosen to use snapshot photos of personal nostalgic places of the past and present to inspire my paintings. Through painting these moments, I can monumentalize the memories, hopefully shifting them beyond the familiarity of the photograph. The play between abstraction and representation is evident, as I continually search for the unfamiliar to surface. 

My paintings allow mistakes to exist in a visual space. I aim to produce art that meets its viewer on a plane of equality; to link us or draw us closer to a sense of our own daily lives. My interest is less in a historical critique than in an attempt to construct a language, creating a fresh encounter with painting. 

 I am extremely interested in how painting has the ability to slow down our thought process, breaking down representational imagery into abstraction.  I love the softness and fluidity of paint and continue to experiment with the physicality of the medium.

To request a catalogue of additional works, please contact us at info@gurevichfineart.com.