Artist Statement

My prints are visual diaries that narrate my experiences and perceptions of different places I have been to. It is important for me to experience my surroundings very consciously, to be aware of details and to render the essence of a place in my artwork. Beneath the narrative of memories and perceptions lies the concept of my search for belonging that I experience after living in three different countries and cultures. My work shows places that I feel connected to and serves to document, to evaluate and to remember. I use a mapping method which has a lot of symbolic meaning for the search of belonging, because maps facilitate searching, way finding and revisiting. The map-like structure of my prints allows me to build up a narrative of different experiences simultaneously. Also inspired by maps is the repetition of similar shapes that resemble cartographic symbols. 

While the prints about Winnipeg have become an important element in my connection with the city in making it my home, the prints about Paraguay illustrate all I don't want to forget and all I want to hold on to. Some of work is more about the physical experience of a place, while the more autobiographical series is about my psychological and emotional experience of a place. 


Miriam Rudolph was born and raised in Paraguay, South America. In 2003 she came to Winnipeg to study Fine Arts at the University of Manitoba where she did a double major in painting and printmaking. She graduated with a Bachelor in Fine Arts with Honours in 2007 and Bachelor of Education in 2010. Miriam received several awards from the School of Art, including the Lynn Sissons Memorial Award (2006), the Heintz Jordan Printmaking Award (2006), and the Shanski Award in Fine Arts (2005). She also received several production grants from the Winnipeg Arts Council and the Manitoba Arts Council. Miriam currently lives and works as a printmaker in Winnipeg where she has had four solo shows and numerous group shows. Most recently she has shown her work at Martha Street Studio, Winnipeg, in Montreal, Washington D.C., and Ottawa.

To request a catalogue of additional works, please contact us at info@gurevichfineart.com.