Upcoming Exhibit

Hogs and Horses
Diana Thorneycroft and Michael Boss

Opening Night: October 3rd, 7:00PM

"Some couples play bridge or rob banks, we exhibit together," says Diana Thorneycroft of her relationship with Michael Boss. Despite creating together for over 20 years the two Winnipeg artist’s approaches to making art are in complete contrast. While Thorneycroft's work challenges us with the darkness that lurks in the human consciousness, Boss gifts us conviction and love as solace.

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Upcoming Exhibits and Events

Toronto International Art Fair
Featuring the Works of: Buffy Sainte-MarieCarole FreemanCyrus SmithKae SasakiMegan KrauseCliff Eyland and Christian Worthington

October 24th - 27th, Metro Toronto Convention Center, Toronto. Booth #1114

Bette Woodland's Casting Shadows

Opening: November 7, 7:00PM
On Display: Nov 7 - 29, 2014


New Work at the Gallery

Photo by William Eakin

We've got some amazing new work.

Gurevich Fine Art is excited to have a series of new pieces by a range of our artists such as Aganetha Dyck, Bette Woodland (pictured above), Robert SimEdward BecenkoChristian Worthington and vintage Japanese Kimonos.









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