Upcoming Exhibit

Casting Shadows
Bette Woodland

On Display: Nov 7 - 29, 2014

At her core Woodland is concerned with the capturing of life’s moments. Each painting or drawing begins with her response to a particular landscape, figure or still life. She creates a rhythmic visual harmony of light and shadow. Together they create a sense of movement. Both familiar and timeless, Woodland’s art is not descriptive in the photo-realist sense.  It evolves intuitively, guided by a conversation with a certain quality of light. No matter the subject, Woodland uses light and shade to make its identity clear. Click here to learn more.

Upcoming Exhibits and Events

Christian Worthington
Zeitgeist Vs. Great Man
Opening December 5th, 2014

New Work at the Gallery

We've got some amazing new work.

Gurevich Fine Art is excited to have a series of new pieces by a range of our artists such as Aganetha Dyck, Shelley Vanderbyl (pictured above), Bette WoodlandChristian Worthington and vintage Japanese Kimonos.





December 24: 9AM - 2PM
December 25: Closed
December 26: Closed
December 31: 9AM - 2PM
January 1: Closed

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