In my work I seek an imaginative revitalisation of the narrative and atmospheric potential of painting. I use the commanding ability of painting to create visual worlds that are both familiar and extraordinary, rooted in everyday corporeal and spatial experiences. I am drawn to overlooked moments and seemingly uneventful places of lived experience, from where I strive to create a heightened sense of the visual and cultural specificity of painting and its evocative and persuasive powers. 

With subjects from real life as well as literature I begin by first considering the composition and approach to colour; as the psychological component takes over, symbols and other elements are added to bring them forward so that the paintings would open up in a multi-vocal way. Gold and silver leafs have been dominant choice for my painting surface, and patina-as-paint method cultivates multi-cultural imprint while its rustic appearance suggests yet embraces decay of cultures. 

About Kae Sasaki

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