Making art, for me, is done out of necessity. I am addicted to it, and need it like a junkie needs a fix. I honestly find myself going through ‘art withdrawal’ if days go by without painting or drawing, or art-making in some form. I have been drawing since the first day I was able to hold a pencil, and painting for just as long.

If I’m able to alleviate people’s minds from whatever concerns or issues are troubling them, I do it with a sense of whimsy. Humor plays a major role in my work, even going so far as to poke fun at art itself, as though it were a living, breathing entity. It’s my way of keeping art in check, and a reminder not to take myself too seriously. 

My latest work has been dealing with random patterns and textures, which I create myself, as well as a sense of detachment from any pre-conceived or planned ideas for works I may create. For years I have been using found imagery such as clip-art, comics, or advertisements as the starting point for my work. Lately, with my “Drawn Collage” series, I have been creating my own imagery, and drawing or painting it in a style that mimics the look of a ‘cut and paste’ collage. You could say, I’m going backwards from my usual approach to art…which is good. Playing around with different styles and mediums is important to me, as it keeps things fresh. I have no desire to become the master of any one particular genre; that is to regimental for my taste, and there are far too many different approaches to art making that I would like to try. The creative ideas in my head are like problems or puzzles that need to be solved… and the answer to these puzzles dictate the style and mediums I will choose to complete them.

About Dan Donaldson

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