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1980-83 University of Manitoba

1972-76 Kildonan East Regional Secondary (Com.Art)

Solo Exhibitions

2013 (Oct) Inside the Lines,  Gurevich Fine Art @ McNally Robinson

2011 (Sept) Golden City Gallery (Wpg / Pacific Ave) New works on paper, canvas / 3-dimensional 

1996 (Sept) Tiny Perfect Gallery, Toronto. Produced by Jason Davis and the Artist (independent show) 

1995 (Apr) Melnychenko Gallery (New works)

1991 Melnychenko Gallery, Winnipeg (New works)

1989 Thomas Gallery, Winnipeg (New works)

1985 Thomas Gallery, Winnipeg (New works)

Group Exhibitions

2014 Secrets From The Vault, Gurevich Fine Art

Winnipeg Art Gallery / Manitoba Society of Artists’ Juried 

2005 Plug In Gallery ‘Fabulous Fakes’ Mini Davis (‘Tom Goes Overboard’)

1996 (May) ‘Stopping Violence Against Women,’ Civic Center, Winnipeg. Image designed for poster contest

1995 (June) ‘The Works,’ A Visual Arts Celebration, Downtown Edmonton, Alberta/ Feature Artist

1995 (Feb) ‘Master Toy Makers of Canada’, Art of the Toy Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA / Curate by Sam Carter

1995 (Feb) ‘Border Crossings’, Magazine Fund-raiser, ‘Shoe Biz’ (Theme)

1994 (Sept) ‘Arts on the Avenue’, New painting (canvas), Exhibited in ‘Au Cotton’ Display Window / Portage Place (3 months)

1994 (Mar) ‘Please Be Seated’, Border-crossings Fund-raiser, Pantages

1994 (Apr) ‘A Celebration of Spring’, Wpg. Art Gallery Fund-raiser (Birdhouse)

1992 (June) ‘Misfit Lit Show’ (Contemporary North American Comic Art) Ace Art Gallery

1992 (Sept) ‘Misfit Lit Touring Show’ (Regional Manitoba) Produced by Visual 

1993 (Sept) Arts Manitoba

1992 (Nov) ‘The Furniture Show’, Melnychenko Gallery

1992 (Spring) ‘Rocking Horse’, Border Crossings Magazine Fund-raiser, Winnipeg Art Gallery

1991 (June) ‘International Art Competition’, New York City, Art Gallery 54, 51 Green St.

1991 (June) ‘Gallery on the Avenue’ (Downtown Biz) Exhibition of local artists work in a vacant com.  Bldg. spaces along Portage Ave. 

1990 (June) ‘Gallery on the Avenue’ (Downtown Biz)

1989 ‘Urban Rural Landscape’, Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba, Brandon

1989 ‘Urban Rural Landscape’, Main Access Gallery, Winnipeg

1988 ‘Anatomy of Wit’, Main Access Gallery, Winnipeg

1987 ‘Contemporary Art in Manitoba’, Winnipeg Art Gallery, 75th Anniversary Exhibition

1986 Thomas Gallery, with Jordan Vanswell

1986 ‘Inaugural Exhibition’, Main Access Gallery

1985 University of Winnipeg, Media Dept.

1984 Thomas Gallery, with Gail Noonan

1984 University of Winnipeg, Media Dept

1983 ‘Janet Ian Cameron Gallery’ University of Manitoba, 2-person

1983 ‘Janet Ian Cameron Gallery’ Curatorial Exhibition, Pat Courtnage

1982 ‘Student Show’, Warehouse Art Works (School of Art)

Exhibition (Non Member)

April 7-22/ 2012 Work Entered- ‘Passing Storm’ Chaulk Pastel on Paper, framed. 


2001 (Dec 13) The Winnipeg Sun / Mural background (Photo’s) of Mini Davis’ art work in concert for photo shoot / ‘Sticking it to the kids’. 

1996 Winnipeg Free Press/May 30th. ‘Mass Consumption’ (Profile of the Artist), Jennine Profeta (reporter)

1995 Winnipeg Free Press / April 15th. ‘Art-Screams Out Youth Culture’/Review of New Works show (Mini Davis), Garth Buchholz.

1994 Winnipeg Free Press / September 10th. ‘Street Art Rises Above Poor Settings’/ art review, Allison Gilmore. 

1992 Sun News Paper / November 20. Tragically Hip / Mini Davis. John Kendall. 

1992 Winnipeg Free Press / November 19. Review of artists work included with ‘Tragically Hip Show’ (slides included with stage production). Steven Ostick. 

1991 Winnipeg Free Press / May 21. ‘Spunky Images Honed by Humor’. Interview with the artist. Randal Mcllroy. 

1991 Artspeak / June. Gallery Reviews New York (International Art Comp) John Calked.

1991 Uptown Magazine / June 13. ‘Art at Street Level’, Review of ‘Gallery on the Avenue’. Harry Finnigan (Downtown Biz).

1990 Globe and Mail / October, West Magazine (‘Eye of the Beholder’)

1989 Brandon Sun / July 26. Review by Diane Nelson

1989 Winnipeg Free Press / March 25. Review by Randal Mcllroy. 

1989 Border Crossings / Winter Edition. Profile of the Artist. Tom Lovatt. 

1988 Border Crossings / Winter Edition. ‘Landscape in Blue’. Al Rushton. 

1987 Midcontinental Magazine / September-October. Profile of Sculpture Project (Tilting Man). Scott Barham. 

1986 Winnipeg Free Press / November 26. ‘Fresh Energy Shines Through’ Randal Mcllroy.

1985 Winnipeg Free Press / October 12. ‘Davis’ first show (solo) an electrifying work’. Randal Mcllroy. 

1985 Winnipeg Sun / October 9. Review by Mareen Scurfield. 

1985 Midcontinental Magazine, Vol. 2 #3. Drawing published (center spread) ‘Winnipeg Hell’.

1984 Winnipeg Free Press / March 31. ‘Artworks Feature Scorched Look’. Jeffery Anderson. 

1984 Midcontenental Magazine, Vol. 1 #3. Drawing published. 

1984 Vanguard Magazine. Review of Group Show, Thomas Gallery. Author Adamson. 


1996 CBC/Robert Enright, December 28th. ‘Heartland’ (Feature Artist), produced by Richard Hunka.

1996 CKND TV / Lisa Best, May 29th. ‘Profile on the Artist’.

1995 MTN / Kimberly Carroll, April 10th. ‘Bring Me The Head of Mini Davis’ / Review of New Works exhibit. 

1995 CKY / John Schneider, April 12th. Profile of Mini Davis / Review of New Works exhibition

1993 Much Music / November 23. Interview with Erica Ehm. (Tragically Hip)

1991 C.B.C. 24 Hours. Interview with artist regarding New York Exhibition. Robert Enright. 

1986 C.B.C. 24 Hours / November 8. Review and interview. Robert Enright

1984 Videon Cable T.V. ‘The Artist Series’. Profile of Mini Davis.

Book (Illustrations)

1991 Prairie Fire / Vol. 12 #1, Spring. ‘Anticipating the Volumes’. Neal Davis Anderson


Province of Manitoba, Department of Culture, Heritage and Tourism

‘The Works’ / Alberta Part- Art Publications

Canada Council, Art Bank

Winnipeg Art Gallery

University of Winnipeg

Manitoba Arts Council, Art Bank


1991 M.A.C. / ‘short-term project’

1989 M.A.C. / ‘short-term project’

1987 M.A.C. / Visual Arts - $7500.00

1986 M.A.C. / Visual Arts - $7500.00

1985 M.A.C. / Visual Arts -$7500.00

1984 M.A.C. / ‘short-term project’

Visiting Artist (Presentation)

1995 Edmonton, Alberta / ‘The Works’ Festival, a visual arts celebration, downtown Edmonton. Body of works featured / image used under license (Mini Davis) for festival promotions inclusive. Invited to appear as ‘Feature Artist’. 

1988 Grant Park School, Winnipeg. Slide / Lecture presentation for grade 7 and 10 students Art class), separate group situations. Ricki Gillies. 

1987 Winnipeg Adult Education Center. Slide / Lecture presentation for group of students enrolled in ‘Creative Art Class’.


2011 Earle Grey Community Centre / 20’ x 8’ mural graphics (acrylic paints)

1996 ‘Winnipeg Cares,’ an AIDS benefit. Centennial Concert Hall. Image design for invitations / posters / T-Shirts. Image design production: Geoffrey Hayes. 

1996 Norm and Nates Deli (Winnipeg). 8’ x 10’ wall mural / cartoon graphics depicting food / people / eating. Etc. 

1996 Norm and Nate’s Deli (Sherbrooke St.) Wall mural 12’ x 12’ acrylics (Theme –Lunchest Eating ) ‘Sandwich Factory’

1996 Pembina Hotel (Winnipeg), proprietor: Trevor Druxman. ‘Spray bomb’ graffiti art on walls of men’s and women’s washrooms

1996 CD / Art work reproduced for Wpg. Band (Veal) / ‘Luke Doucett’-‘Hot Loser’ recording / Divine INDUSTRIES reproduction (chalk pastel-‘Town gone Bad’ (1994)

1993 'Another Roadside Attraction’, (Tragically Hip) Stage Graphics used for cross-Canada tour of show. 

1993 ‘The Dark Zone’ wall graphics (graffiti) to enhance specific walls in game area (fluorescent)


2011 (Sept) C.B.C. (local events) review of Mini Davis solo exhibit (Allison Gilmore) at Golden City Art Gallery.


2002 (Aug-Oct) Mini Davis / Plug In Gallery / Bill Board Project Image; -Depressed