Born in the former Yugoslavia in 1950, Milos Milidrag graduated from the University Of Belgrade with a Master of Fine Arts and taught at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Pristine in Kosovo. Having lived in Winnipeg since 1997, he became a Canadian citizen in 2000. He has exhibited locally in over 100 group and 12 major individual shows as well as internationally. Over the years he has worked from a minimalist style to a more expressive one, reminiscent of Fauvism and expressionism.

Art is an expression of Milidrag’s world. He uses his paint brush to deal with the trauma and hardships he faced during the war in the former Yugoslavia, with an emphasis on the day to day struggle of finding a place for himself in the artistic life of North America. These, his most recent works, are inspired by Inuit art. Milos’ painting has been supported by Winnipeg Arts Council.

Has been living in Winnipeg since 1997 and became a Canadian citizen in the year 2000.

Until 1997, lectured fresco and mosaic at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Pristine, Kosovo.

Was a member of the Association of Fine Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Association of Fine Arts of Serbia.

Exhibited in 13 major individual (4 in Canada - Main/Access Gallery, Centre Culturel Franco-Manitobain, Site Gallery and Piano Nobile Gallery) and over 100 group shows.

Recipient of several artistic awards in his ex-homeland.

His work has been supported by the Winnipeg Arts Advisory Council.


Artist with 40 years of experience

Assistant Professor for over 10 years

Member of Association of Fine Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Member of Association of Fine Arts of Serbia

Exhibited in 30 major individual and over 200 group exhibits

Recipient of 3 major prizes for artistic work in former homeland and four grants from Winnipeg Arts Advisory Council and Manitoba Arts Council


2009/2010-Visiting Professor of painting, Fine Art School, University of East Sarajevo, Bosnia

1997-present Freelance artist in Canada

1992-1997 Assistant Professor of fresco painting and mosaic, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Pristina, Serbia

1987-1992 Instructor, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Pristina, Serbia

1978-1984 Freelance artist


1986 Masters of Fine Arts, University of Belgrade

1978 Bachelor’s of Fine Arts, University of Sarajevo


Selected Solo Exhibitions

2014, "Forgotten Flowers", Gurevich Fine Art, Winnipeg, MB

2013 Berlin, Prima Center Gallery. Germany

2012 Petrovac, Marko K.Gregovic Gallery, Montenegro Nis, Gallery of Cultural Centre, Serbia

2011 Krakow, Galeria Grodzka, Poland, Winnipeg, Gurevich Fine Art, MB, Canada, Kraljevo, Gallery V. Marzik, Serbia

2010 Winnipeg, McNally Robinson Booksellers Gallery; Paracin, Gallery of Cultural Centre, Serbia

2009 Winnipeg, Ken Segal Gallery, Canada; Ohrid Cultural Centre Grigor Prilicev, Macedonia; Herceg Novi, Josip-Bepo Benkovic Gallery, Montenegro; Sombor, Cultural Center Gallery Laza Kostic, Serbia

2008 Kragujevac, The Bridges of The Balkans Art Gallery, Serbia; Budva, The Modern Gallery, Montenegro

2007 Winnipeg, Ken Segal Gallery, Canada

2005 Winnipeg, Ken Segal Gallery, Canada;  Winnipeg, Site Gallery (with Eva Tarsia), Canada

2003 Winnipeg, Piano Nobile Gallery, Canada

2002 Winnipeg, Site Gallery, Canada

2000 Winnipeg, Main/Access Gallery, Canada; Winnipeg, Centre culturel franco-manitobain (with Andrew Giffin), Canada 

1997 Niksic, Art Gallery Nikola I, Montenegro; Herceg Novi, Art Gallery Josip-Bepo Benkovic, Montenegro; Bar, Velimir A. Lekovic Art Gallery, Montenegro

1995 Belgrade, Cultural Center Gallery, Serbia

1994 Kragujevac, National Museum, Serbia

1990 Sarajevo, Art Gallery Roman Petrovic, Bosnia and Herzegovina; Pristina, Art Gallery, Kosovo

Selected Group Exhibitions

From 2010 to present permanently represented by Gurevich Fine Art 

2013 Majdanpek, IV International Exhibition Art in Miniature,Gallery of Cultural Center, Serbija

2011 Tuzla, VI International Biennal of  Miniature, Bosnian Cultural Center, Bosnia and Herzegovina

From 2004-2010,  represented by Ken Segal Gallery, Winnipeg

2010 Gornji Milanovac, Serbia, 10th International Biennial of Miniature Art

2010 Smederevo, Serbia, 7th Biennial of Fine Arts

2009 Kovin, Serbia, Art Salon October 2009

2009 Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia, Art Gallery Lazar Vozarevic

2008 Gornji Milanovac, Serbia, 9th International Biennial of Miniature Art; Kovin, Serbia, Art Salon October

2007 Kovin, Serbia, Art salon October; Bar, Montenegro, Balkans Link, Art Gallery Velimir A. Lekovic; Paracin, Serbija, Paintings, Cultural Center Art Gallery

2006 Kovin, Serbia, Art salon “October”

2005 Winnipeg, Fabulous Fakes With a Twist, Plug In Gallery, Winnipeg; Smederevska Palanka, Serbia, Shumadian Visual Artist, National Museum; Niksic, Montenegro, Shumadian Visual Artists, Gallery; Nikola I Podgorica, Montenegro, Shumadian Visual Artists, Center for Contemporary Art; Mladenovac, Serbia, Shumadian Visual Artists, Cultural Center Gallery; Gornji Milanovac, Serbia, Shumadian Visual Artists, Cultural Center Gallery

From 2000 to 2006, regularly exhibited in all group exhibitions at Site Gallery, Winnipeg

2004 Arandjelovac, Serbia, Shumadian Visual ArtistsThe Museum of Arandjelovac; Novi Pazar, Serbia, Shumadian Visual Artists Gallery Sopocanska Vidjenja Sveti Stefan, Montenegro, Shumadian Visual Artists Art Gallery Sveti Stefan Despotovac, Serbia, Shumadian Visual Artists Cultural Center Gallery Krusevac, Serbia, Shumadian Visual Artists National Museum Art Gallery

2003 Novi Sad, Serbia , The exhibition of paintings and Prints of ULUS members for Shumadian region. Gallery ULUV Vrnjacka Banja, Serbia, The exhibition of Paintings and prints of ULUS members for Shumadian region Gallery Zavicajni Muzej

2001 Winnipeg, Grand Jury VI, Winnipeg Art Gallery

1999 Winnipeg, Grand Jury V, Winnipeg Art Gallery

1997 Zrenjanin, Serbia, Third Biennale of Watercolor

1996 Belgrade, Serbia, 37th October Saloon, Museum of May 25th Pristina, Kosovo, November Saloon, Art Gallery Boro & Ramiz

1994 Herceg Novi, Montenegro, Group 18-18, Art Gallery Josip-Bepo Benkovic Uzice, Serbia, Group 18-18, City Gallery Cacak, Serbia, Group 18-18, Cultural Center

1993 Kragujevac, Serbia, Group 18-18, National Museum’s Art Gallery Bar, Montenegro, Group 18-18, Velimir A. Lekovic Art Gallery Kotor, Montenegro, Group 18-18, Cultural Center

1992 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Collegium Artisticum 92, Gallery Collegium Artistcum

1991 Herceg Novi, Montenegro,XXIX Winter Saloon, Art Gallery Josip-Bepo Benkovic Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Collegium Artisticum 91, Gallery Collegium Artisticum Bijeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Milenko Atanackovic Art Gallery Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 45 Years of ULUBIH, Gallery Collegium Artisticum

1990 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Collegium Artisticum 90 Gallery Collegium Artisticum Zagreb, Croatia, The Exhibition of the Society of Visual Artists of Sarajevo, Karas Art Gallery Subotica, Serbia, XXIX Artistic Autumn, Artistic Summit Gallery

1989 Dubrovnik, Croatia, The Exhibition of the Society of Visual Artists Of Sarajevo, City Art Gallery Podgorica, Montenegro, The Exhibition of the Society of Visual Artists of Sarajevo, Art Pavilion Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, The Exhibition of the Society of Visual Artists of Sarajevo, Collegium Artisticum Gallery Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Collegium Artisticum 89, Collegium Artisticum Gallery Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina,Yugoslavian Documents 89, Collegium Artisticum Gallery Sombor, Serbia, XXIX Artistic Autumn, Artistic Autumn Gallery

1988 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Collegium Artisticum 88, Collegium Artisticum Gallery

Work in Residence

2007 Serbia, 15th International Art Colony Resava

1997 Pale, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Pale 97

1996 Topola, Serbia and Montenegro, Karadjordjevic Foundation


2007 Manitoba Arts Council, Travel Grant

2007 Winnipeg Arts Advisory Council, Travel Grant

2002 Winnipeg Art Advisory Council, Grant for Visual Arts

2000 Winnipeg Art Advisory Council, Grant for Visual Arts

1991 Milenko Atanackovic Art Gallery Award

1990 Art Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina Award

1983 Zagreb, ZGRAF Award for Graphic Design


The Government of Manitoba Art Collection

National Museum’s collection, Kragujevac- Serbia

Art Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s collection

Art collection of The Modern Gallery, Budva, Montenegro

Art collection of Art Gallery Nikola I, Niksic, Montenegro

Art collection of Art gallery Milenko Atanackovic, Bijaljina, Bosna and


Numerous private collections in former Yugoslavia as well as in

Canada, USA and Australia

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