Tim Schouten latest series is aski nipay. Working with KC Adams they spent time on Treaty 5 land, Tim painting the landscape and relating to events surrounding and words in the Treaty. KC Adams produced powerful portraits of Ki-tah-pah-tumak aski ethinewak (keepers of the land)

Tim also spent time travelling to Spirit Lake Dakota Nation and living off and on there for short periods getting to know people and searching for ways into this project as a non-native Canadian artist. He had never lived on or even visited an American reservation before. He had only a passing knowledge of American politics, history and geography and the American Indian Movement.

Schouten’s encaustic pieces are unflinching and determined in their presentation. Typographic and landscape works highlight his experience of how life is lived today, stripping away nostalgia, racism, and history-based anger. The work considers the joys as well as the difficulties faced by northern reservation inhabitants. His large encaustic paintings survey the Spirit Lake Reservation’s Northern Plains country. It is this contrast that makes Schouten’s work illuminating and heartbreaking at the same time.

About Tim Schouten

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