Jairo Alfonso

Jairo Alfonso graduated in 1998 at the Instituto Superior de Arte (ISA) in Havana. He has developed prolific works in various media such as installations, paintings, drawings and videos. In general his work is a study of man's nature, both in the present and the past. Recently he has been exploring the symbolism inherent in objects found in daily life , and the manner in which they characterized generations, a civilization, a human group. 

These drawings are inspired by the Diogenes syndrome, that is, the behaviour of hoarding and collecting. Objects in daily life are consumed through their use in daily life and then are not discarded. The results are “boxes” full of various clutter. This idea translates into an obsession to draw, in Jairo's object filled pieces.

In “The Pleasure of Getting Lost” he is also exhibiting works from the series “Equilibrio”, in which he establishes a lucid exercise with the objects he is relating to. Similar to a kind of diary or chronicle, he recreates an imaginary gravitational axis, alluding to the wider concept of an "equilibrium".

In another group of works he has created a psychological approach to his drawings based on the disorders of certain persons, the objects they use and the random way they arrange them in daily living. He has been studying the disorder left by people during their daily routines , from an archaeological perspective. These pieces have a close relation with the still life genre.

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