I have been obsessed with motorcycles since I had my first ride down the back lane on my uncle Len's Harley at age 4. Since I became a rider, a few years back, the obsession has grown. I hit the road every chance I get. The experience has, naturally, worked its way into my art practice. I have been doing large scale oil pastel drawings of my bikes and those that appeal to me. I find pastel the ideal medium for this work; it is situated between painting and drawing; it allows me to work broadly and quickly; capturing the power and vitality of these machines without getting bogged down in details. There is nothing like roaring down a winding road on a bike, feeling the rush of the wind, being immersed in the sights, sounds and smells around you. I aim to relay a sense of the physicality of the experience in this work; the freedom and inspiration that flow from the "heavy metal thunder".

About Michael Boss

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