There was an important period in my artistic education when I realized that the strictly representational held little to satisfy my creative curiosity. If I had to pinpoint some of the earliest and most important influences in my work, they would be the following: French Fauvism (mainly Matisse); the Russian Creative Experiment (Malevitch, Kandinski); and the Modernist trailblazers, such as Picasso, Mondrian and Klee.

These influences inspired the last major cycle of Minimalist painting produced in my native Yugoslavia under title From White to Whiteness – a title drawn from scriptural quote “From White we come, into whiteness we disappear.”

Since arriving in Canada, I have been exploring new avenues in my work, inspired by a combination of tough new challenges. There is mixed emotions of saying goodbye to my homeland; the difficult memories of the war I have been through; and the day to day struggle of finding a place for myself in the artistic life of North America.

Recently, my work is a product of my contemplation about colour as a painterly phenomenon. Starting, sometimes from real, but more often imaginary landscapes, colour has led me towards the new, the unknown and the never-before-seen. I have not endeavored to describe; rather, my venture was to create. Freed from all influences, my works have evolved into purely tactile and visual experiences.

About Milos Milidrag

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