Here & Now by Aliana Au

Opening Night: November 1, 2013, 7:00PM
Exhibit: Nov 1 - 23, 2013


Aliana Au’s landscapes are measured prayers. Working in a free manner void of controlling lines, her brushstrokes create realities seemingly devoid of time and change. Au has no qualms about letting areas of canvas show. In an impressionistic effort, she employs free space to evoke the light and transparency of each piece in it's fragility.

Effortlessly, Au embraces an intuitive but meticulous style that is in search of harmony rather than a strict copy of reality. She seeks to return to her canvas each time a different person, completing small sections of each work over long periods of time. Painting is essentially a conversation. The landscapes are her tribute to the few places left untouched by the hand or foot of man. It is this unity of reflection and time that allows Au’s paintings to project the sense of eternity that she seeks.

Artist Statement

In landscape painting, I am searching for a time and place untouched by man. An artist draws from his/her life experience and his/her deep well of memories or core thoughts that are unwashed by time. I was born in a small village and grew-up in the country-side of southern China, near Guangzhou. My memory of this place was a poetic and magical one. When I traveled back years later, I could not find the place where I had attended school. The house that I used to live-in has been replaced with a high rise. Where there used to be a river, it is now a brick layered canal. There is so much wealth. Where is the wild natural beauty? What happen to it?

In recent years during my travel, I was so drawn to places where man had left nature untouched or tried to exist in harmony. Living in Canada, I am keenly aware of our vast, valuable, and unspoiled nature. My paintings are prayers for the future of these places and their habitat.

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Aliana Au, Nature's Garden, Acrylic on Canvas, 48" x 51"

Aliana Au, Nature's Garden, Acrylic on Canvas, 48" x 51"