Lucy Riquelme's work is rooted in the diverse Andean pre-Hispanic cultures. As has happened in the conquests of aboriginal peoples all over the world, they have been subjugated by the conquerors, destroying them to a large extent.

Nevertheless, today a revaluation or new appreciation of various ethnicities exists on a global scale. Through Riquelme's eyes and the passionate language of painting, she is trying to express the profound and perhaps the most valuable aspects of this (revaluation) which says more than simple words can express. 


Bachelor of Arts. Mention Painting.

University "Universidad de Concepción".



1996 Hall of Maal Clover Square. Conception.

2007 "Latent Images". (Drawing and painting).

Living the Catholic University.

2010-2011 "Just Food".

Travelling Exhibition in Canada. (Contest Global call. Organized by the Mennonite Heritage Centre Gallery. Winnipeg. Manitoba).

2011 "Here in this Place". (Participation in a Collective) Mennonite Heritage Centre Gallery. Winnipeg, Manitoba).

2014 "Identity". Colombia, Argentina and Chile. (Colorful and symbols las Culturas   Andean). Mennonite Heritage Centre Gallery.