In Three, Christian Worthington makes a bold and decisive move to redefine modern spirituality. His innovative forms and multiple mediums emphasize individual piety. The art pulls the viewer’s focus in unexpected directions, creating a new way of seeing his subjects. In so doing, Three becomes a post-modern interpretation of the sacred. The exhibit opens November 28, 2013 at 7:00PM. Worthington will be in attendance.

Worthington’s command of realism, underpins the exhibit. His expressive oil and acrylic brush strokes make his abstract offerings subtlety dynamic. Large drawings take off from his usual studied realism using rough oil-bar with deceptive simplicity. The sculptures are a new exploration using techniques he mastered in painting and drawing to produce works of subtle beauty.

Three investigates the potentials of form to achieve its purpose. “I don't ‘express myself,” states Worthington. “Rather I pay close attention to what the piece is pulling out of me, what the forms are communicating."

Using historical techniques of drawing, painting and sculpture concurrently, he crosses the boundaries of tradition infusing each piece with all three elements. The strength of his art is increased by a vivid interior insight and spiritual awareness. Worthington challenges our preconceived notions of the sacred and profane to give us something new.


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