Edward Becenko, Gridlock

OPENING RECEPTION October 7th at 7 p.m.

ON DISPLAY October 7th, 2016 - October 28th, 2016


Gridlock - a complete halting or breakdown of an overloaded system.


Gridlock fairly sums up where I found myself for far too many months. As with most individuals, this difficult period of time was brought on by a life altering event. One of my solutions to dealing with gridlock was to begin a series of paintings which somehow illustrated this feeling of overload. Through creating marks and patterns on the substrate, working with new and previously used colours, and allowing my emotions to influence choices in this body of work, it became part of a positive solution to finding my way through the maze and making a new start.

Experimentation with various mediums and material is essential to the work I create. In this work I explore abstraction with fluctuating marks, colours, layers, textures, image transfers, monotype, shape and form that unite in the realization of expressive, abstract composition. 

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Edward Becenko’s abstract compositions capture the essence of image through colour, depth, texture and form. Using acrylic, pigment, water colour, gauche and other innovative media; Becenko’s abstract variations range from works on paper, image transfer, collage, to medium and large scale paintings on panel. 

To Becenko, the fusion of art and design allow him to express his complex ideas and concepts. Skillful in his use of adaptation, by continually shifting his materials and media, Becenko works to perfect the meaning behind each piece. Each new layer becomes a statement about the human condition. The layers of feelings, emotions and images guiding his work. This process resulting in the luminescent quality, allowing both the expression of order within chaos.


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