Artist in Residence: Edward Becenko

Gurevich Fine Art is pleased to announce that artist Edward Becenko will be GFA’s inaugural artist in residence this May. Becenko, who joined the gallery in February of 2014, is a Winnipeg-based artist who has been exhibiting his multimedia art to great success since 2006. Beckeno’s residency will begin May 2nd and will continue until May 17th. 

Saturday May 3, 10 and 17: 12pm - 4pm
Thursday May 8 and 15: 11am - 2pm

An artist in residence provides visitors with the unique opportunity to witness the artistic process first-hand, creating a high-level of engagement with both the artwork and its creator.

Becenko’s many years in the worlds of art and fashion render him the ideal authority for this platform. Art and fashion are catalysts for conversation, and Becenko’s work perfectly reflects the connection between these two forms of expression. By including a variety of media and utilizing diverse techniques such as image transfers, collage and monotype printmaking he creates stunning results that can be experienced on both an aesthetic and critical level.

Becenko’s experience in the fashion industry has defined the innovation and evolution of his work. Large abstract paintings are an introduction his use of layering media. Using strata of luminescent paints and at times even cloth and string each work develops in a way that is comparable to the construction and alteration of a piece clothing.

Similarly in his nude work an appreciation for texture and tactility is evident. In each image transfer, Becenko’s subject stands as an example of traditional sculpture, mirroring the heroes of Michelangelo. The nude figures are muscular, taut, and valiant. They are a sublime balance of power and neoclassical beauty. However, it is also significant to note the influence of fashion and textile that shows Becenko’s evolution from his abstract artwork. In each piece paint surrounds the nude but does not come in contact with it, creating the feeling of an embrace rather than a covering. Showcasing the entire purpose of clothing, the protection of the body underneath.


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