Andrew Beck: Under the Same Blue Sky

A Long Time

Under the same blue sky; when is the new really new?

As we look around at our city we realize it is in a constant stage of change.

As the buildings decay or are repurposed the past becomes anecdotal, caught by small details of our history and the new which rises. When did the trees grow and when did so many disappear?

We long for stability, we capture the moment when that building made sense, and this one didn’t.

Modernism becomes our Victorian art deco or art nouveau, we look for beauty in the form of our buildings as the bottom line impacts these decisions.

We cannot fix in space but we can see under the continuity of the seasons and of the skies. Change is the continuity and the natural world continues unabated and unconcerned with our concept of time.

We are more like trees and less like dominators of the natural world.