Lost in a World (I was Here)


Gurevich Fine Art is honoured to present Milos Milidrag’s latest body of work in the exhibition Lost in a Lost World (I Was Here).

The show opens at Gurevich Fine Art with a reception on Thursday, December 8th, beginning at 7pm. The exhibition continues to December 31, 2011.

Born in the former Yugoslavia, Milos Milidrag graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Sarajevo, Sarajevo, Bosnia and obtained a Master of Fine Arts from University Of Belgrade. He taught at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Pristine in Kosovo. He has exhibited locally in over 100 group and 12 major individual shows as well as internationally. Over the years he has worked from a minimalist style to one more expressive and surreal.

In his latest series of drawings and paintings, Milos uses tropes and mythology to express the emotions of being displaced. The artist fled his war-ravaged country in 1997 to live in Winnipeg, where the shock of adjustment charged his artistic practice significantly.

He took periodic refuge in the somber walls of the Winnipeg Art Gallery, endeared to the gallery’s vast array of Inuit artifacts. Drawing metaphor and comfort from the stark presentation of these strange, isolated figures, his latest works abide in the familiarity of estrangement he experiences when encountering Inuit art.

He continues to push his hyper-narratives in surrealist style, filling stark tableaus with mystical creatures, which are all at once playful and nightmarish. He uses a serene colour palette against sparse landscapes to achieve an otherworldly effect. The pervading sense is that Milos’ works are born of truth. Lost in a Lost World is a heart-rending expression of, loss, wonder, inexplicable anguish and beauty.

Lost in a Lost World (I Was Here) opens Thursday, December 8th, with a reception at 7pm. The exhibition will be on display at Gurevich Fine Art, #200-62 Albert Street, from December 9th until December 31, 2011.