Art & Architecture

Gurevich Fine Art presents Art & Architecture to coincide with the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada’s (RAIC) Festival of Architecture. The exhibit explores the relationship between art, architecture and the individuals who create them. Art & Architecture is on display from May 26th – 31st.

The Festival of Architecture is part of the RAIC’s annual conference for architects from across Canada. Art & Architecture exemplifies Gurevich Fine Art’s mandate of bringing innovative artistic approaches to the spaces we live in. Be it through abstraction, landscape or installation, each artist creates pieces that enrich our experience of place. 

The exhibit will inspire and connect lovers of art and architecture, merging rational and technological order with ideas of beauty and the transcendental.

Art & Architecture will feature works from:

Deborah Danelley
Aganetha Dyck
Christian Worthington
Robert Sim
Miriam Rudolph
John Erkel
Katherine Bruce
Sue Gordon
Keith Wood
Ed Becenko
Andrew Beck
Kyle Herranen
Gerry Kopelow
Andrew Milne
Tom Lovatt
Mini Davis

More information on each artist can be found at


This is only a small sample of the works in this exhibition. To request a catalogue of all the works, prices or additional information, please contact us at or 204-488-0662.