William Pura's work as an artist and composer has spanned a wide range of sensibilities and issues from an early interest in the landscape, to pure abstraction and later a return to the landscape as the primary subject in his work.

He has worked in many different media, adapting his ideas to the form and technique that seems to work best for them. He has explored painting, drawing, printmaking, photography as well as sculpture and multi-media.

In 1986 he made an important transition from more abstract work to the kind of subject he is concerned with today. At that time, he began exploring the urban landscape, using the lighting (both natural and artificial) and the arrangements of streets, buildings and trees to create images that communicate the mystery and beauty of the contemporary city.

Other recent paintings concerned themselves images of food and are, more than anything else, an extension of the urban landscape. The forms are treated in a similar way to the cityscapes, using clear, bold shapes with dramatic lighting.

Other explorations looked at the landscape from the mythological point of view, in particular the symbolic concerns of Nordic culture and images that addressed the North and Canada's wilderness.

With his exhibition of 2003 the use of digital photography became a new element in his artwork. Here again the images were primarily concerned with the landscape: images of water, land forms and the effects of weather and atmosphere as well as industrial images.

William Pura's multi-media works often involve music that he has written for a specific event often accompanied by lighting effects, dancers and projections. His music is available on several CD's; usually recordings of smaller scale works with either solo instruments or small ensembles.

About William Pura

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