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Winnipeg, Manitoba – February 18, 2014 - Gurevich Fine Art is pleased to announce that Ed Becenko has joined the gallery. Becenko is a self-taught Winnipeg based artist with 35 years of experience in the Canadian fashion industry. He has been exhibiting his art since 2006.

The prairie landscape, explicitly the horizon, grounds much of Becenko’s art. He then uses innovation, creativity and change to tell his stories. He is skillful in his use of adaptation. By continually shifting his materials and media, Becenko works to perfect the meaning behind each piece.

The horizon line sets the firm base for many of Becenko’s pieces. This architectural feature allows his work to express order within chaos. Each new layer becomes a statement about the human condition. The process of layering results in the luminescent quality of his works.

“The horizon line represents the line we walk in life. The choices we make add layers to who we are,” Becenko explains. "Life is layered with feelings, emotions and images. Through my art I try to capture that essence through colour, depth, texture and form."

Becenko works in a variety of media and utilizes diverse techniques including image transfers, collage and monotype printmaking to create his medium and large scale paintings on panel. To Becenko, the fusion of art and design allow him to express his complex ideas and concepts.

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