Aliana Au pays homage to the wild with "Here & Now"


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Aliana Au pays homage to the wild in Here & Now


Winnipeg, Manitoba – October 28, 2013 – Aliana Au’s landscapes are measured prayers. Her use of oil stick and watercolour in her latest exhibit Here & Now are an homage to the few places left untouched by man.  The exhibit opens on November 1 at 7 PM and will run until November 23, 2013. Au will attend the opening night reception.  


“In painting Here & Now, I am seeking a voice from my childhood,” says Au. “Growing up in Canton (Guangzhou) China where I lived surrounded by unspoilt expanses of land. There was a true wildness in the places where I grew up.” Au’s method is a revelation of colour and space, retaining its honesty and producing a brilliant, harmonious result. The juxtaposed touches of color and canvas are woven together with short brushstrokes, applied with discrete daubs of paint to produce final works that speak to her journey to discover places unspoilt.


“I never want to paint meticulously, it is spontaneous. Many people paint accordingly to what they want to see, but I can’t do that.” Her paintings are an accumulation of experience and time. It is in this unity that Here & Now projects the sense of eternity that Au seeks.


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Aliana Au, Canadian Silver Maple, Oil & Oil Stick on Canvas, 38" x 40"

Aliana Au, Canadian Silver Maple, Oil & Oil Stick on Canvas, 38" x 40"